We Will Make Your Office Clean and Fresh

At Finishcleaning its simple... each and every day... our buildings have to be "clean"... no exceptions! Our customers expect it, their employees derserve it and we have the esperience and resources to make it happen. So the next time you set foot in a commercial property, ask yourself the question... is this building clean? If Finishcleaning is the service provider, you better believe it is!

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Who is Finishcleaning?

Finishcleaning is a full service commercial company providing quality daily cleaning, specialty cleaning services and preventative maintenance programs for office buildings throughout Netherlands and Belgium.

With a combined 10 years in the building services industry, principal Ho-Wan understand that creating a clean, safe work enviroment is essential to the succes of any business. Employees expect it, clients appreciate it, Finishcleaning provides it.

Green and Clean?

Green cleaning is effective cleaning which protects health without harming the environment. Green cleaning can play a key role in facilities maintenance, where clean, attractive, healthy work environment is essential in attracting and retaining customers and occupants.

Our green cleaning program provides customers with the highest quality, environmentally responsible facilities maintenance services solutions. Green cleaning represents the latest in innovative services, uniting certified chemicals, tools, processes, training, service and support. Our clients reap the benefits from green cleaning by attracting and retaining occupants, differentiating themselves from the competition and enjoying the health and environmental benefits.

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Our office is moved to The Hague, Netherlands


First time free cleaning for a week (till 31 november 2012)

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